About frekvencii.mk

frekvencii.mk is an online platform aiming to promote, create and collaborate on art and culture of tomorrow. We are a team of artists and people who write about things, release music and what-not that helps craft the future of culture.

Our platform started to exist in 2011 with the creation of an online streaming radio. Created to promote the underground music the original name of what today is known as frekvencii.mk was Podzemni Frekvencii.

The story starts in 2011 as two high-school friends started the project with the name of Underground Frequencies as an internet streaming radio with two shows, one for hardcore rap and the other for alternative music in general.

After a short period of time the project evolved into a website, with more than 20,000 monthly visits back in the day. Back in the time, the website had an online store for music CD’s and merch that was supported from over 5 independent labels, which for that time was the first music website to have a service like that in Macedonia.

The platform evolved into a real radio show on the cult radio station Kanal 103, broadcasting every week on the 103.0Mhz FM frequency.

Currently the platform is more open to modern genres and styles, and the change of name to the current frekvencii.mk was a symbolic act to announce that the project will and is supporting any kind of quality creation, not depending on anything else but the pure essence of it.

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24.05.19 The Local Blue & Martchin
Shortbus, SK
30.05.19 frekvencii.mk turns ∞ preparty
Shortbus, SK
31.05.19 frekvencii.mk turns ∞
Shortbus, SK
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