N-H // LON Festival

This festival is still releasing information about their lineup. We will update this page accordingly.

A new multimedia festival that aims to support technological advances in art such as video art installations, virtual reality, 3D mapping. The festival will have lectures about expressing today’s topics using technological advance of electronic music.

▪️ Ancient Methods
▪️ Andreas Hz b2b Kronom
▪️ Bodan Jamakoski
▪️ Threads Radio

▪️ Hangar, Struga
▪️ Elen Kamen Beach, Struga

Ancient Methods is one of the headliners of this festival, one of the leading names in contemporary techno. The project’s roots can be traced back to 2007 when it was formed by Michael Wollenhaupt and his then-partner Conrad Prutzmann, conceived a rebellion again the minimal sounds that were then so prominent. “The main reason to for this project was that [at this point] there was no techno that struck a chord in me,”Wollenhaupt recalls. “Techno was stagnant, it was dead, and tech house and minimal techno were omnipresent in Berlin at least, and when you were looking for darker, harder, grittier variants of techno—impossible!”

Ancient Methods has carved itself a name for its dark, industrial, and blackened take on techno—a raw, intense breed that’s uncompromisingly powerful and driving.

Andreas Hz
Hailing from Skopje, Macedonia, Andreas Hz has become a unique and inspiring presence in the clubs reaching ever further down his seemingly endless collection of highest quality techno, outsider house and bass-driven electronica to form a powerful and sophisticated dancefloor experience.

Kronom is a Macedonian producer specializing in bass music, influenced by the likes of drum and bass and techno with industrial spices, he is one of the leading producers and DJs of the current electronic scene here. He has released a new EP Visions 006 for Kornarion.

Bodan Jamakoski
Bodan Jamakoski is a Macedonian DJ and producer, also one of the front people of Audiobahn.

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24.05.19 The Local Blue & Martchin
Shortbus, SK
30.05.19 frekvencii.mk turns ∞ preparty
Shortbus, SK
31.05.19 frekvencii.mk turns ∞
Shortbus, SK
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