About frekvencii.mk

frekvencii.mk is an online platform aiming to promote, create and collaborate on art and culture of tomorrow. We are a collective of artists, authors and open minded people who have the mission to share their knowledge and connect different alternative sub-cultures together.

frekvencii.mk is rooted as an established platform for the promotion of culture, artists, and events since 2011 onward. Beside the proactive engagement in the nurturing of contemporary culture, the interconnectedness of different directions in number of subcultures and art forms and the maintenance of a vibrant mutual coexistence and flourishing, frekvencii.mk is a pioneer in the digitalization of the operating of the platform – being the first movement of its kind to offer purchasing of merchandise and compact disks of local independant music labels through online accessibility, introduced back in 2012.

The story starts when two enthusiastic high-school friends started the project with the name of Underground Frequencies as an internet streaming radio with two shows, one for hardcore rap and the other for alternative music in general. The platform evolved with radio show on Kanal 103, a pirate radio station in Skopje for underground music, broadcasting every week on the 103.0Mhz FM frequency.

Currently the platform is aimed towards supporting the future and being part of crafting it. The symbolic change of the name to frekvencii.mk was a sign to show that we support every frequency that is the truth of culture and art. Even though we are based in Skopje, we operate all around the Balkans.