Andrijan Apostoloski
Founder, author
+389 77 996 716 ᐧ

Andrijan Apostoloski is a producer, DJ, graphic and web designer, promoter and one of the original founders of – online culture platform based in Skopje, Macedonia. He has created the brand aesthetics and general idea behind the platform alongside being an author for the website and manager for the social platforms.
His involvement with music started around 2010 with him experimenting for the first time with DAWs, but being only fourteen years old his first serious engagement can be considered to be as a part of GLASNOM, a hardcore punk/rap crossover band that existed from 2011 until 2014 with their album “Reaktor” released in April 2014. His eclectic music taste with influences from early Ninja Tune trip-hop and producers such as The Bug and DJ Spooky resulted in the creation of the moniker of Likvidator and the release of the illbient self-named EP in 2016 thru the label.

Doan Akiti
Official photographer
+389 70 644 510 ᐧ

Doan Akiti is a photographer, videographer, and conceptual visual artist based in Skopje.
In addition to the professional engagement in the fields of event photography and videography, the general direction of the work opus is comprised of artistic expression in creation of conceptual visual art in the spirit of minimalism, maximalism, expressionism, and naturalism in portrait and landscape photography.
The locus of influence on the creativity and realization of manifestations of art fluctuates through the experience of existentialist philosophy as a means of understanding and articulating conceptions and a sense of social awareness and responsibility towards the point of time in which the artist lives and creates.
The school of thought in regard to the understanding of the purpose of creation lays on the negation of art aloof to the context of the conditions of creation.
Moreover, this approach to self-knowledge and the responsibility towards the potential of developing a tendency of the intellectual and artistic avant-garde of the society in which the artist creates, seeks an engagement across subcultures and movements, thus the artists openness to multimedia collaborations and projects.

Irena Stevanovska

Irena is born in Bitola, Macedonia but she is based in Skopje and is a student at the Faculty of Philosophy. She has been indirectly involved with the project since the very young days, but officially became a member since late 2017. She is a big music fanatic, but for her it can be told that she is a fanatic and a moving library for jazz music. In her reviews you can expect some theory, and some honest expressions of feelings from her philosophic side.