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Burnt Friedman – Musical Traditions in Central Europe: Explorer Series Vol. 4

Written on May 25, 2019 by Andrijan Apostoloski

I must start by saying that the name Burnt Friedman always lurked at the edges of my musical library. I guess he’s one of those artists that have a huge portfolio of collaborations. For example, he is a guest artist on countless legendary dub records, and you can’t miss his name when scanning through collections of the genre.
“Musical Traditions in Central Europe: Explorer Series” is another addition to his discography that further adds to the diversity and brilliance of his releases. As the name suggests, Friedman manages to blend the many cultures present in the region with dub, tribal, acid and jazz sounds to create this seminal downtempo double LP series.
The full review can be read over at Loose Lips here.
Written by Andrijan Apostoloski for Loose Lips

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