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Official Announcement

ℹ️ Official statement about Rawrave

Dear ravers, friends, artists and everyone who believed in this, we are truly sorry for disappointing you and failing in our mission.

For the rave we had rented a privately owned warehouse in the complex of Metalski Zavod Tito with the capacity to hold more than 1000 people. Unfortunately, until the very last moment (including the whole setup of the rave as tech and soundchecks, stage construction, bars etc..) the venue had misinformed on all the legal terms of the lease including the exact types of permits and all necessary bureaucratic steps that were needed to operate the event at the venue, resulting in the security at the Metalski Zavod Tito closing the doors for our guests.

(1) Starting this Wednesday (23.10.2019) physical tickets can be refunded in the places you bought the tickets from.

(2) Online tickets will be refunded automatically, and you should see the balance on your account the following days from Resident Advisor.

We must stress that there was never any intention to deceive or mislead the public regarding any aspect of the event. Up until the last moment, we had every intention to proceed with the rave as announced, with every facility being set up inside the warehouse and the artists on site. We are equally as devastated and angry that the event was stopped as you are and we intend to pursue legal action against the venue.

Thank you for believing in our vision and stay assured that we will keep fighting to for it with everything we have.

With love and respect,